In submitting an article to the Iran-Iraq War Project, we ask authors to consider the following guidelines:

Technical Guidelines:
  • Articles may be submitted in one of two forms: Analysis (800-1,200 words) and Opinion pieces (800-1,200 words) based on an author’s firsthand or secondhand war related experiences.
  • All submissions should be original pieces.
  • They should not include academic footnotes or citations, but we encourage the use of hyperlinks.
  • All figures, tables, and charts should be submitted as separate, high-resolution files.
Substantive Guidelines:
  • The Iran-Iraq War Project looks for analytical, nuanced arguments that expand and improve on existing discourse on the Iran-Iraq War.
  • Authors should always keep the reader in mind. While articles need to be valuable for students, academics and practitioners concerned with the War, they must also be accessible to the lay reader.
  • All technical terms should be clearly explained and assumptions about the reader’s previous knowledge should be kept to a minimum (unnecessary description can always be removed by the editorial staff).

Articles may be submitted for consideration to: